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Publication Index by Title - L
*An asterisk on the Title indicates that it is only part of a publication with multiple authors.

Last Words and Old-Time Memories -- Gaddis, Maxwell P. -- hdm1566
Last Sermons of Past Prophets -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm1845
Lectures To Professing Christians (Abridged) -- Finney, Charles G. -- hdm0087
Leprosy -- Godbey, W. B. -- hdm0857
Lessons For Seekers of Holiness -- Baldwin, H. A. -- hdm0729
Lessons From The Life of David -- Whyte, Alexander -- hdm0901
Lessons On Apostasy -- Budensiek, David -- hdm0715
Let Brotherly Love Continue -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3681
Let The Winds Blow -- Chapman, James Blaine -- hdm0898
Letters Of Esther Carson Winans -- Gish, Carol -- hdm3336
Life, A Joyous Adventure -- Peisker, Armor D. -- hdm1896
Life Among The Indians -- Finley, James Bradley -- hdm0268
Life and Labors of Amos M. Kenworthy -- Cammack, L. M. -- hdm1775
Life And Times of Elijah Hedding -- Clark, D. W. -- hdm0616
Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Vol. 1) -- Edersheim, Alfred -- hdm1024
Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Vol. 2) -- Edersheim, Alfred -- hdm1025
Life And Works of Hamline -- Whedon, Daniel D. -- hdm0803
Life of Charles G. Finney -- Hills, A. M. -- hdm0943
Life of Freeborn Garrettson -- Bangs, Nathan -- hdm0013
Life of George Peck -- Peck, George -- hdm0443
Life of John S. Inskip -- McDonald, William & Searles, John E. -- hdm0131
Life of John T. Hatfield -- Patty, John C. -- hdm0589
Life of John Wesley Childs -- Edwards, John Ellis -- hdm0818
Life of John Wesley Redfield -- Terrill, Joseph G. -- hdm0163
Life of Joshua Soule -- Du Bose, Horace M. -- hdm0625
Life of Lucius Bunyan Compton -- Patty, John C. -- hdm0637
Life of Paul -- Dunkum, W. B. -- hdm0917
Life of Robert Richford Roberts -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm0604
Life of William Carvosso -- Carvosso, William -- hdm0292
Life of William McKendree -- Paine, Robert -- hdm0563
Life Sketch -- Hodge, Elliot -- hdm0103
Life Sketch of Adam Clarke -- McLeister, Clara -- hdm0136
Life Sketch of Phineas F. Bresee -- Hills, A. M. -- hdm0384
Life Sketches And Sermons -- Morrison, H. C. -- hdm0289
Life Sketches of Alfred Cookman -- McDonald, William -- hdm0859
Life Story of Jerry McAuley -- McAuley, Jerry -- hdm1855
Life Stories -- Tapper, Ruth M. -- hdm3631
Life's Supreme Choices -- Williams, R. T. -- hdm0265
Light On The Tongues Question -- Belew, Pascal Perry -- hdm3290
Lighthouse Stories -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3469
Lightning Bolts From Pentecostal Skies -- Knapp, M. W. -- hdm0413
Lincoln Assassination Sermon -- Gaddis, Maxwell Pierson -- hdm3301
Linsey-Woolsey Religion -- Shepard, William Edward -- hdm2279
List of M. E. Preachers (1762-1840) -- Bangs, Nathan -- hdm0012
Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, Vol. I -- Jackson, Thomas -- hdm0344
Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, Vol. II -- Jackson, Thomas -- hdm0365
Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, Vol. III -- Jackson, Thomas -- hdm0377
Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, Vol. IV -- Jackson, Thomas -- hdm0378
Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, Vol. V -- Jackson, Thomas -- hdm0420
Lives of Early Methodist Preachers, Vol. VI -- Jackson, Thomas -- hdm0483
Lives of Eminent Methodist Ministers -- Gorrie, P. D. -- hdm0093
Living Ambassadors -- Montgomery, J. W. -- hdm3401
Living Christian In Today's World -- Deal, William S. -- hdm3315
Living Embers -- Griffith, Mrs. G. W. -- hdm3629
Living For Jesus -- Ludwig, Minnie E. -- hdm2232
Living Illustrations -- Carradine, Beverly -- hdm0043
Living In The Heavenlies -- Hames, J. M. -- hdm0872
Living Messages Over The Air -- Thomas, John -- hdm0944
Living Signs and Wonders -- Goodwin, John W. -- hdm1576
Living Under The Weight of The Cross -- Stauffer, Joshua -- hdm0735
Living Waters -- Baker, Sheridan -- hdm2337
Living Waters -- Vanderpool, D. I. -- hdm1012
Living With The Lantern Lit -- Leavell, Elvin D -- hdm3666
Long Hair, A Woman's Glory -- Pitts, Joseph S. -- hdm0653
Longings Which Can Only Be Fulfilled By Christ -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3495
Look On The Fields -- Jones, Carl Warren -- hdm2412
Looking Heavenward -- Pratt, William H. -- hdm1555
Lorenzo Dow, Gospel Ranger -- Plyler, Alva W. -- hdm0841
Lost Chapters Recovered -- Wakeley, Joseph B. -- hdm1619
Love Enthroned -- Steele, Daniel -- hdm1892
Love is All -- Booth, Evangeline -- hdm1507
Love Slaves -- Brengle, Samuel L. -- hdm0021

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