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Publication Index by Title - B
*An asterisk on the Title indicates that it is only part of a publication with multiple authors.

Bangs Sketches, Two Sermons -- Bangs, Nathan -- hdm0014
Baptism of the Holy Ghost/Enduement of Power -- Mahan, Asa; Finney, C. G. -- hdm0390
Baptism With The Holy Ghost -- Corlett, D. Shelby -- hdm0201
Baptism With The Holy Ghost -- Morrison, H. C. -- hdm0686
Baptized With Perfect Love -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3652
Barbara Heck, Mother of American Methodism -- Withrow, W. H. -- hdm0544
Bascom And His Centenary Address -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3370
Battlefields of The Church -- Kulp, George B. -- hdm0771
Be Thou Faithful Unto Death -- Maxey, Irl V. -- hdm2526
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out -- Taylor, James M. -- hdm0243
Be Ye Reconciled To God -- Maxey, Irl V. -- hdm2527
Beacon Lights Of Faith -- Wimberly, Charles Franklin -- hdm3339
Beacon Lights Of The Reformation -- Withrow, W. H. -- hdm2386
Beams Of God's Light -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3685
Being Fit To Live Among Others -- Maxey, Irl V. -- hdm2520  
Beauty For Ashes -- Watson, G. D. -- hdm0172
Because Of Unbelief -- Maxey, Duane V.-- hdm2026
Bees In Clover -- Robinson, R. A. (Bud) -- hdm0495
Before And After Pentecost -- Lawrence, Leo L. -- hdm0667
Behold He Prayeth -- Dunkum, W. B. -- hdm0918
Behold, He Prayeth -- Stauffer, Joshua -- hdm2470
Behold The Man -- Lincicome, Forman -- hdm0438
Beliefs That Matter Most -- Purkiser, Westlake Taylor -- hdm1538
Benjamin Abbott -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm0222
Bennett Maxey -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm0836
Benoni-Benjamin, The Son God Gave -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm2031
Beside the Shepherd's Tent -- Seals, B. V. -- hdm1506
Beside This Add -- Stewart, Paul J. -- hdm1520
Beulah Land -- Carradine, Beverly -- hdm0034
Beulah Land Saints -- Hames, John Marvin -- hdm2407
Beverly Allen (Sad/Sobering Story / Methodist Apostate) -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm1517
Beverly Carradine Characterized As A Jekyll And Hyde -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm2372
Beyond The Blue Grass -- Gibson, C. A. -- hdm3424
Beyond The Grave -- Foster, Randolph Sinks -- hdm2438
Beyond The Moral Divide -- Bullock, Foy -- hdm0411
Beyond The Veil -- Wheeler, Mary Sparkes -- hdm2333
Bible Characters -- Carradine, Beverly -- hdm0035
Bible Doctrines -- Smith, William M. -- hdm0947
Bible Holiness -- Ellyson, Edgar Painter -- hdm2392
Bible Holiness -- Shelhamer, E. E. -- hdm0594
Bible Messages -- Mooshian, C. Helen -- hdm0588
Bible Morning Glories -- Morrow, Abbie C. -- hdm0949
Bible Readings on Holiness -- Miller, Basil William -- hdm0509
Bible Readings on the Second Blessing -- Ruth, C. W. -- hdm1589
Bible Salvation And Popular Religion Contrasted -- Sims, Albert -- hdm3361
Bible Standards -- Budensiek, David -- hdm0347
Biblical Perfection -- Wiseman, Peter -- hdm1596
Biblical References To Great Men -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm2032
Binney's Theological Compend -- Binney, Amos -- hdm0371
Black Gold, Tried in the Fire -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm1568
BMI Institute Bulletin, 10/1960 -- Multiple Authors -- hdm1685
Born Again And Growing -- Grider, J. Kenneth
Bountiful Grace, A Chinese Preacher -- Taylor, Mrs. W. -- hdm2212
Brainerd's Letters And Papers -- Brainerd, David -- hdm2289
Brainerd's Life And Diary -- Brainerd, David -- hdm2286
Brainerd's Journal -- Brainerd, David -- hdm2287
Brainerd's Journal Appendices -- Brainerd, David -- hdm2288
Bread From The King's Table -- Moulton, C. O. -- hdm1539
Breaking the Alabaster Box -- Hames, John Marvin -- hdm1549
Bridges Of Gospel Truth -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3387
Brief Messages 51-100 -- Maxey, Duane V. -- hdm3659
Brief Messages 101-150 -- Maxey, Duane V. hdm3660
Brief Messages For The Time Limited Readers 150-200 -- hdm3665
Brief Messages Of Eternal Truth -- Maxey, Duane V. hdm3682
Brief Recollections Of George W. Walker -- Gaddis, Maxwell Pierson -- hdm2302
Bringing In Sheaves -- Earle, A. B. -- hdm0636
Broken Fetters And Other Sermons -- Mills, F. J. -- hdm3438
Bud Robinson, A Brother Beloved -- Chapman, J. B. -- hdm0525
Bud Robinson, Miracle Of Grace -- Miller, Basil William -- hdm2267
Bud Robinson Stories -- Corbett, C. T. -- hdm0331
Budensiek, Lillian B. -- Handbook For Christian Educators -- hdm0731
Building With Christ -- Maxey, I. Parker -- hdm0220
Bulldog Charlie And The Devil -- Wireman, C. L. -- hdm0481
Burial Monument of Paul/Barbara Heck -- Merck, David R. -- hdm0380
By Faith -- Smith, William M. -- hdm0854

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