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Publication Index by Author - D
*An asterisk on the Title indicates that it is only part of a publication with multiple authors.

Damon, C. M. -- Sketches And Incidents -- hdm0284
Danford, Samuel Alexander -- Holiness Bible Readings -- hdm2037
Daniels, Bert -- Do We Have Too Many Evangelists Or Too Few?* -- hdm0695
Daniels, W. H. -- D. L. Moody And His Work -- hdm2396
Daniels, W. H. -- How Methodism Began -- hdm0976
Daniels, W. H. -- That Boy: Who Shall Have Him? -- hdm2417
Davies, Edward -- The Believer's Handbook On Holiness -- hdm0981
Davies, Edward -- Illustrated History Of Douglas Camp Meeting -- hdm2354
Davies, Edward -- The Life Of William Taylor -- hdm0489
Davis, Angela Kirkham -- Wesley And Early Methodism -- hdm2030
Davis, C. W. -- Revival Preparation Through Prayer* -- hdm0695
Davis, David Adam -- My Life And Writings -- hdm0260
Davis, George T. B. -- When The Fire Fell -- hdm0465
Davis, Henry Turner -- Coals From The Altar -- hdm0358
Davis, Henry Turner -- Headlights -- hdm3466
Davis, Henry Turner -- Illustrative Stories By H. T. Davis -- hdm3657
Davis, Henry Turner -- Modern Miracles -- hdm3467
Davis, Henry Turner -- Solitary Places Made Glad -- hdm2270
Davis, Henry Turner -- The Shining Way -- hdm0366
Davis, Leo C. -- Along The Trail -- hdm0861
Davis, Leo C. -- Today's Pioneers -- hdm2255
Deal, William Sandord -- A Glorious Revival* -- hdm0793
Deal, William Sanford -- Living Christian In Today's World -- hdm3315
Deal, William Sandord -- Ministerial Responsibility* -- hdm0793
Deal, William Sandord -- The March Of Holiness Through The Centuries -- hdm3316
Deal, William Sandord -- To The Regions Beyond* -- hdm0793
Deal, William Sandord -- What A Young Christian Ought To Know -- hdm1534
Deal, William Sandord -- Why We Believe In Holiness* -- hdm0793
DeLong, Russell Victor -- Holiness Is Power* -- hdm0555
DeLong, Russell Victor -- Illnesses Of The Modern Soul -- hdm2350
DeLong, Russell Victor -- Liberalism Turns Back -- hdm3448
DeLong, Russell Victor -- Mastering Our Midnights -- hdm0564
DeLong, Russell Victor -- The High Cost Of Low Living -- hdm3389
DeLong, Russell Victor -- The Present Challenge -- hdm0271
DeLong, Russell Victor -- The Quest For Certainty -- hdm0885
DeLong, Russell Victor -- There Are No Moral Accidents -- hdm0248
DeLong, Russell Victor -- The Unique Galilean -- hdm0272
Dempster, Joseph S. -- From Romanism To Pentecost -- hdm0340
Dempster, Joseph S. -- Sermon Gen. Hol. Assembly May 3-13, 1901* -- hdm0372
Denniston, Charles G. -- The New Birth -- hdm0969
Doctorian, Samuel -- My Life Story -- hdm0670
Dodd, Charles Elbert -- Gospel Messages For Today -- hdm0368
Dodd, Charles Elbert -- Old Time Gospel Messages -- hdm0369
Dodge, W. A. -- The Double-Minded* -- hdm0302
Dorsey, John F. -- A Farmer Looks At The Parables -- hdm1498
Dorsey, John F. -- Healing Attitudes And Relationships -- hdm1018
Dorsey, John F. -- Out Of The Ivory Palaces -- hdm1604
Dorsey, John F. -- Sermon Of The Sheep -- hdm1015
Dorsey, John F. -- Seventy Poems To Ponder -- hdm1605
Dorsey, John F. -- The Blood Of Christ -- hdm1016
Douglas, Ruth -- Modesty -- hdm0864
Drew University -- Ezra Squier Tipple, Christian Gentleman -- hdm3360
Drinkhouse, Edward J. -- History Of Methodist Reform, Vol. I -- hdm0428
Drinkhouse, Edward J. -- History Of Methodist Reform, Vol. II -- hdm0725
Driskell, Lovick Pierce -- Victory Out Of Defeat -- hdm2041
Drye, J. T. -- Religion In The Foxhole -- hdm0631
Du Bois, Lauriston J. -- A Sound Basis For Healthy Personalities* -- hdm0555
Du Bose, Horace M. -- Francis Asbury, A Biographical Study -- hdm2338
Du Bose, Horace M. -- Life Of Joshua Soule -- hdm0625
Duff, Mrs. E. S. -- Redeemed By The Blood -- hdm0614
Duncan, Wilson Ray -- The Old-Fashioned Mother -- hdm0966
Dunkum, W. B. -- Behold He Prayeth -- hdm0918
Dunkum, W. B. -- Heart Talks From Beulah Land -- hdm0929
Dunkum, W. B. -- Hot Potatoes With Jackets On -- hdm0869
Dunkum, W. B. -- Life Of Paul -- hdm0917
Dunkum, W. B. -- Sin And Its Consequences -- hdm1772
Dunkum, W. B. -- Temptation -- hdm0916
Dumkum, W. B. -- The Future Life -- hdm1617
Dunkum, W. B. -- The Man Of Galilee -- hdm1599
Dunn, Lewis Romaine -- Landisville Camp Message, July 29, 1873* -- hdm0325
Dunn, Lewis Romaine -- The Holiness Of God/Our Assimilation To Him* -- hdm0302
Dunn, Samuel -- Clarke's Theology And Life Sketch -- hdm0965
Dunn, T. P. -- How Can Evang. Contr. To C.F.S.?* -- hdm0695

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