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Publication Index by Author - R
*An asterisk on the Title indicates that it is only part of a publication with multiple authors.

Raby, J. -- Letter To Adam Clarke* -- hdm0322
Railton, George Scott -- General Booth -- hdm0952
Ralston, Thomas N. -- Elements Of Divinity -- hdm2285
Ramsey, Margaret (Jernigan), Co-Author -- Courageous Jernigan -- hdm0518
Ramquist, Grace -- And Many Believed -- hdm3420
Raycroft, R. Newman -- The Importance Of Holiness Preaching -- hdm0695
Raymond, Miner -- Systematic Theology, Vol. 1 -- hdm2418
Raymond, Miner -- Systematic Theology, Vol. 3 -- hdm2420
Raymond, Miner -- Systematic Theology, Vol. 2 -- hdm2419
Reade, Thaddeus C. -- The Elder Brother -- hdm0437
Redford, M. E. -- Rise Of Nazarene Church -- hdm0145
Reed, Harold W. -- It Works* -- hdm0555
Reed, Harold W. -- You And Your Church -- hdm0945
Reed, Louis Archibald -- Holiness And The Christian Life -- hdm0316
Reed, Louis Archibald -- Life's Greatest Good* -- hdm0555
Reed, Louis Archibald -- The Christian's Challenge -- hdm2273
Rees, Paul S. -- Seth Cook Rees The Warrior-Saint -- hdm2047
Rees, Seth Cook -- Articles By Seth Cook Rees -- hdm0784
Rees, Seth Cook -- Fire From Heaven* -- hdm0247
Rees, Seth Cook -- Fire From Heaven -- hdm0375
Rees, Seth Cook -- Miracles In The Slums -- hdm0547
Rees, Seth Cook -- The Last Prayermeeting -- hdm2364
Rees, Seth Cook -- The Holy War -- hdm0354
Rees, Seth Cook -- The Ideal Pentecostal Church -- hdm1587
Rees, Seth Cook -- Wings Of The Morning -- hdm2277
Rehfeldt, Remiss-- Africa Calling -- hdm2547
Rehfeldt, Remiss -- African Windows -- hdm2549
Rehfeldt, Remiss -- So Shall We Reap -- hdm2546
Rehfeldt, Remiss -- Survival At Stake -- hdm0851
Rehfeldt, Remiss -- The Singing Of The Waters* -- hdm0339
Reid, Isaiah -- Help Through Unexpected Channels* -- hdm0302
Reid, Isaiah -- Holiness Bible Readings -- hdm2363
Reid, Isaiah -- The Holy Way -- hdm3355
Rhodes, M. L. -- The Happy Alleghenian -- hdm1530
Rice, George -- Facing The Dawn (The Paul Rice Story) -- hdm1505
Richmond, Hulda -- Avoiding Christmas Disappointments* -- hdm0689
Ridgaway, Henry Bascom. -- The Life Of Alfred Cookman -- hdm0602
Ridout, George Whitefield -- Amazing Grace -- hdm3468
Ridout, George Whitefield -- Blessed Are The Pure In Heart* -- hdm0793
Ridout, George Whitefield -- Henry Clay Morrison -- hdm0529
Ridout, George Whitefield -- Sermon Gen. Hol. Assembly May 3-13, 1901* -- hdm0372
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Beauty Of Holiness -- hdm0146
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Black Prophet Harris... -- hdm2314
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Cross And The Flag -- hdm1631
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Deadly Fallacy Of Christian Science -- hdm3311
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Deadly Fallacy Of Russellism -- hdm2374
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Deadly Fallacy of Seventh Day Adventism -- hdm1856
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Deadly Fallacy Of Spurious Tongues --hdm3313
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Deadly Fallacy Of Spiritualism -- hdm3312
Ridout, George Whitefield -- The Witness Of The Spirit -- hdm0267
Riley, John E. -- The Golden Stairs -- hdm3299
Risley, John E. -- Some Experiences Of A Methodist Itinerant -- hdm0727
Roberts, Benjamin Titus  -- Fishers Of Men -- hdm2543
Roberts, Benjamin Titus -- Holiness Teachings -- hdm0147
Roberts, Benjamin Titus -- Pungent Truths -- hdm0765
Roberts, Thomas P. -- Highlights Of My Life And Ministry -- hdm0475
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- A Pitcher Of Cream -- hdm0799
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Bees In Clover -- hdm0495
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Chickens Come Home To Roost -- hdm0679
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Conversion/Sanctification Of The Disciples -- hdm0664
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Does The Bible Teach Divine Healing? -- hdm2591
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Honey In The Rock -- hdm0151
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Mountain Peaks Of The Bible -- hdm0598
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- My Hospital Experience -- hdm0149
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- My Life's Story -- hdm0501
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- My Travels In The Holy Land -- hdm0282
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Perfect Love -- hdm0142
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Religion, Phil., And Fun -- hdm0150
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Sanctification Of The Disciples* -- hdm0247
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Sunshine And Smiles -- hdm0677
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- The King's Goldmine -- hdm0148
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- The Moth-Eaten Garment -- hdm0391
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- The Story Of Lazarus -- hdm0800
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Uncle Buddie's Good Samaritan Chats* -- hdm0689
Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud) -- Walking With God Or The Devil, Which? -- hdm0665
Robinson, T. E. -- The Unhindered Gospel* -- hdm0302
Rogers, Hester Ann -- Autobiography -- hdm0629
Rose, Ed -- An Earnest Contender -- hdm0829
Rothwell, Helen F. -- Ira D. Sankey, A Great Song Leader -- hdm2305
Rothwell, Melvin Thomas -- Open Windows* -- hdm0793
Rowley, C. E. -- Apples Of Gold -- hdm0672
Rozzell, M. H. -- The Flight Of A Lost Soul -- hdm0980
Runkle, H. L. -- From Prisoner To Preacher -- hdm0603
Rushing, R. S. -- If I Were A Layman* -- hdm0255
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- Autobiographical Sketch -- hdm0154
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- Bible Readings On The Second Blessing -- hdm1589
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- Entire Sanctification, A Second Blessing -- hdm0278
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- Errors In Belief -- hdm0991
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- Relation Of Prayer To Praise* -- hdm1000
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- Sermon Gen. Hol. Assembly May 3-13, 1901* -- hdm0372
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- Temptations Peculiar To The Sanctified -- hdm0977
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- The Pentecostal Experience -- hdm3422
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- The Second Crisis -- hdm0153
Ruth, Christian Wismer -- The Second Work Of Grace -- hdm3381
Ruth, Laura (Mrs. C. W. Ruth) Autobiographical Sketch -- hdm0154

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